Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1. What level of photographer do I need to be to come on these tours?

A. All abilities and levels are welcome, whether a complete beginner or an experienced photographer. 


Q 2. What camera do I need to have?

A. A digital SLR is recommended in order to gain the most from these tours, although if you have a compact camera and can use the manual settings this would also be possible.


Q 3. Will I need a tripod?

A. Yes ... a tripod would be very useful. We will generally be shooting exposures longer than can be achieved by hand holding. In many cases we will be shooting long exposures of several seconds up to several minutes.


Q 4. Will I need to buy any filters?

A. If you have your own filters already, then by all means bring them as you will have plenty of opportunity to use them. If you do not have filters at present, don't worry as this is not essential. NiSi filters may provide us with sets of filters for you to use during the tour.


Q 5. Is transportation provided?

A. To keep the cost of the tour reasonable, and because most people will travel to our tours in their own vehicles, we have NOT provided transportation during our tours. Our clients usually arrange to car share on location and find that it's a fun way to get to know each other.  Transportation from the airport to the accommodation is not included but we can assist you with transportation arrangements to the tour accommodation if requested when booking.

Q 6. Are meals provided during the workshop?

A.  Meals and beverages are not included unless meals are included with the accommodation package.

Q 7. What happens if it is raining?

A. On group tours which are booked well in advance of the date, tours will go ahead whatever the weather. If the weather is too bad to shoot, we will work on photoshop techniques and do image critiques.

Q 8. What if I must cancel the tour?

A.  Unless we can rebook your spot, we cannot offer a refund after the deadline ( please see Terms and Conditions)  We recommend that you purchase travel insurance to cover your investment.


Q 9. Why do you need to know about my photographic experience and camera equipment?

A. It is useful to know in advance your previous experience so that we can tailor the day to you. Knowing what camera and equipment you use means we can plan your tour making sure we bring along items that might complement your gear, such as the correct size filter holders or filters.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns that you may have.