Senja Norway

October 25 to 31, 2020

Co-Leaders: Anne Strickland & Ian Perkins 


Cost: $3,895.00. 



The extraordinary Arctic Island of Senja is called “Norway in miniature” because it harbors all the different landscapes of Norway, giving the best possible variety of choices when it comes to photography. As equally stunning as the more famous Lofoten, Senja offers the photographer new vistas and unique shots that you don’t have to jostle other photographers for on location.  Although it is an island Senja has tons of beautiful lakes to get landscape reflections especially in the Fall with all the golden leaves and the snow-capped mountains in the far background. We will be staying on the jagged coastline of the northern part of the island with many fjords and jagged peaks. Finally, the Northern Lights will be in full swing by the time of our workshop. Because of it’s geomagnetic location right in the middle of the auroral oval, the Northern Lights often light up the entire sky!    If the stunning landscapes are not enough, we will see mammals like reindeer, moose, humpback whales, orcas and seals. Birdlife includes sea eagles, golden eagles, falcons and migratory birds like swans and geese. 



  • Transportation to an from either Tromso Airport or Bardufoss Airport ( TBA)

  • Transportation during the workshop 

  •  Accommodation in your own private ensuite room

  • All meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner 

  • Final night’s meal which is a cooking class by a Norwegian chef with 4 course dinner with wine pairings and wine during the cooking class 

  •  Individual and group instruction by two landscape photographers 



  • Alcohol drinks 

  • Travel insurance

  • Flight to Tromso or Bardufoss

  • Personal incidentals and camera gear 

  • Hotel or lodging expenses in Tromso or Bardufoss, if necessary




There are two airports near to Senja - Tromso and Bardufoss.   Tromso is the largest city in this area of the Arctic and is 3 1/2 hours from our base.   Bardufoss is an 1 1/2 hours away but is a smaller airport.   We are scouting our locations in March and will determine at that time if we will meet in Tromso or Bardufoss.   


We want to have the workshop fully booked before you book your flight.   Anne will be happy to assist you with your flight arrangements.   Scandanavian Air (SAS/Windermere) flies from Oslo, Norway to both airports.    




We will use a 9 passenger mini bus for transportation. 



We will be staying in a very special place located on a fjord in the scenic north of Senja surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes and sea coasts. Our lodging is for six nights in a purpose-built culinary school which will have all new rooms to be completed in June, 2020. Unlike other workshops, we don’t price our space as double occupancy so you can have your own space without paying extra. For those wanting even more space, we will offer two larger rooms with kitchenette for $450.00 more, first come, first serve. 


The communal lodge and kitchen are stunning with large fireplace, comfy furniture and beautiful views so we will have room to spread out and relax. The property offers a beautiful location to shoot the Northern Lights right outside your door.  And reindeer and other wildlife frequent the property.   We can look forward to a toasty roaring fire after a busy day of shooting in beautiful surroundings while we enjoy our dinner and talk about the amazing day we had in amazing Senja


Our will be prepared by the owner/staff of the culinary school using local Norwegian ingredients. Our noon day meal will be a lunch packed by the chef.   We love the convenience of having our own chef so that we don’t have to worry about where to eat everyday and even better, that we will have the chance to get to know some Norwegian people in our home base.   We will be staying at: 




The average temperatures in late October may range from 25 - 40 degrees Farenheit.   Please bring warm layers suitable for cold temperatures.   We highly suggest merino wool base-layers.   Waterproof jackets and pants are always a must for landscape photographers.   Bring waterproof footwear.   Fingers can get very cold quickly so bring warm gloves like Villarette gloves for photography or similar.    Hand-warmers can be put into your gloves, pockets, etc.     We may have snow at this time of year, but not guaranteed.    Bring hats, balaclava’s and scarves to keep warm while we are shooting at night.




  • Camera gear with lens.  We hope to have many opportunities to shoot the Northern Lights during our time in Senja.

   Be sure that you bring a fast wide lens of at least f 2.8 for shooting Northern Lights.  You can rent one before you come 

   if you don’t have one.

  • Tripod

  • Waterproof cover for your camera bag




We will be traveling to Senja on a scouting trip in March to scout our locations.   We have chosen our base lodging to be nearest to the locations so that we are not doing too much driving.    We want you to spend your valuable time on Senja getting those shots you’re dreaming about.   We will send you a map after March so that you can study our images and other images that you find online for Senja before you get there.   We plan to scout between Tromso and Senja so we may expand between both areas.   


Sunrise is about 7:30 am and sunset is around 4 pm in Senja during that time of year.  We will have an early breakfast and head out each morning ( or shoot and go back for breakfast if that make better sense on some days).    Our host will prepare packed lunches for us so we can picnic at one of our locations!   When we return to our lodge, dinner will be served there while we make plans for our night shooting.   The really cool thing about our lodge is that it is located directly on a fjord with surrounding mountains.   We can shoot the Northern Lights from the property even!


Ian and Anne will be there for you.   If you need suggestions or camera help, we want you to ask us for help.  We will bring our cameras but only shoot if nobody needs us.   We want to stress that to you.  


We will have time in the evenings for post-processing sessions so we urge you to bring your laptops.  There is a classroom that we can use in the lodge to spread out with our computers and we plan to work with you in post-processing sessions.  We find that everyone loves this time to share what they know, ask questions and learn from each other.  


Please message us at to let us know that you want to book your Norway tour.  We will be right back in touch to get you set up!



The cost of this workshop is $3,895.00.   We require a down payment of $1,500.00 which must be paid upon booking.  The balance is due within 90 days of the workshop which is July 22, 2020.   Lodging and food is expensive (and limited!) in Senja and we have negotiated our expenses with the owner with the provision that he holds the accommodation available to us for 30 days so that we can market our trip.   We must then pay the owner a deposit to hold our rooms or we can lose the accommodation.   Therefore, we must ask you to book by February 23rd if you plan to go to Senja, so that we can make a firm commitment for the lodging.  We anticipate that this tour will be very popular but we reserve the right to cancel the tour if we do not have it fully booked.  In that event, any money that you have paid will be totally refunded to you.


The balance of the payment can be made in payments to us or in full by July 22, 2020.   


If you want to pay through Pay Pal, you can finance the cost interest-free for six months through them or charge it to a credit card.  If you do pay through Pay Pal, there is a 3% fee which will be added to the cost which is the fee that Pay Pal charges us.


You can pay through Venmo with no fee or you can pay us by good old fashioned check.




The deposit is non-refundable.   The exception is if we can fill your vacated spot with another guest, then we will refund the full amount to you including any other payments that you have made.    




There will be a total of 5-6 guests plus two guide photographers.   




There are two rooms available in a duplex cottage which are larger and have kitchenettes and heated bathroom floors.  If you want one of these rooms, there is a charge of $450 for the room, on a first-come, first-serve basis. 




Landscape photography brings photographers to slippery rocks, cliff-sides, oceans and other hazardous  places.  We will not put you in any position of danger but you must exercise caution, common sense and care for yourself and your property.   Upon acceptance of your application, you will also agree to the execution of a Hold Harmless and Disclosure.  




Easy to Moderate.  We will not be taking long steep hikes, though there are many wonderful such hikes in Senja.  We will visit locations which will be accessible to all who are reasonably fit. 




We hope that you will join us on this fun adventure to Senja!   We do our best to make our tours special for our guests and friends.   Norway is a magical place for any person, but especially those who view it through a lens.   Following are some photos of Senja and the accommodation.  We will have our own photos to share after March !

Image by Valentin Wallet